Renewal version of AdMedic Dermal Filler package released for Vietnamese market

BioStandard Inc. released a new package version of Admedic Dermal Filler for Vietnamese market to respond to the release and circulation of its imitation products in Vietnam.

The new version of AdMedic dermal filler package for exclusive use in Vietnam has applied a clean and cool image by maintaining the existing identity color on white back ground color.

As the sales of AdMedic plastic filler in Vietnam increased recently, many Chinese imitations were imported into Vietnam and sold through SNS, resulting in a lot of damage to local partners and resellers in Vietnam including its own, but it is expected that the distribution of counterfeit goods will be eradicated due to the launch of new packages. In addition, efforts are being made to minimize the incidence of victims through a local campaign in Vietnam, which warns against damage caused by necrosis or inflammation of skin tissue caused by counterfeit products.

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